Ummmmmmm.....Will pewdiepie be banned in china?

I need to practice more english, I have a goal that is I can speak more like a native speaker before graduation.

I remember a typhoon will approach Taiwan for a few days. So I want to go out with friends before typhoon coming.

I want to ride a bike tomorrow morning. But......It's starting to rain.......... 😱

I bought a Sony A7ii Mirrorless Digital Camera today. I hope I can take more beautiful pictures. ✌️

To be honest, I wanted to take the Milky way photograph at Bagua tea plantation last weekend but it never showed up. (╥﹏╥)

So, I took some starry sky pictures. 🤘

不知道要過幾個月台灣噗浪才會有動作,看會不會全部都跑來Mastodon 🤔🤔🤔

Finally, I deactivated my Facebook account. 🤗






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